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Food Trends fall 2019

When asked where money should be saved food is rarely the option. Food is often the most involved part of the wedding reception and therefore is the most memorable. With millennials becoming the new wedding generation food does not only need to be good it needs to be interactive and pin worthy.

Serving Styles

   Serving styles are becoming much less formal as the new generation desires more engagement. Less formality allows guests to sit around a table and interact with one another in a less stuffy setting. Bar style seating and family dinner style are becoming the main serving presentations allowing couples to mix and mingle with guests and have a light hearted time. Glamming p these styles is easy to do with decor and lavish tablescapes.

Multicultural Meals

   As our world grows smaller due to mass media and internet, couples too are growing more diverse and are asking for the same diversity in their food. Bringing two worlds into one many couples are opting for more cocktail style dinners where guests can sample foods from multiple world locations. These menus create a festival of the couple's specific family heritage and ancestry. If this is a trend you wish to partake in make sure your caterer knows how to create the meals you need.

Edible Wedding Favors

   One area of your wedding that shifts dramatically from event to event are the party favors. In an age where going green is a way of life thinking of gifts that create less clutter for your guests is crucial and there's no better way than food. Providing small snacks for your guests as the reception draws on or providing each table setting a small after party dessert is a perfect way to bring comfort to your wedding.

Show Stopping Dessert

   Wedding cakes aren’t so simple anymore. More and more we are seeing couples stray away from the classic formal wedding cake and opt for more creative pastry solutions. Donut walls, towers of cupcakes, full table displays of various desserts and more are becoming a main staple. If cake isn’t your thing, this trends for you as pies, cheesecakes and brownies are replacing the classic confection.

Natural is Everything 

   Think natural, think going green, think organic, think GMO-free. Couples for the past few seasons have been choosing healthier and in-season products for their weddings and this trend doesn’t seem to be fading. Sustainability and fair-trade are two key phrases to watch out for when searching caterers who will make your world friendly dreams come true

Signature Evening Snacks

   Providing guests post-meal snacks as they dance into the night isn’t new but making these small nourishments more you definitely is. Many couples are choosing to avoid the classic, trail mixes, sliders and sliced pizza and are choosing small pieces from their favorite bars and restaurants. This trend of stylizing based off the couples preference to create a unique experience seems to be a long term trend.

   Food may be something every wedding has in common but it doesn't have to be boring. By making choices that stray away from the norm and picking trends that reflect your personal style, you can provide food that will not only wow but create an event that is all you.

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