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How to Dress for Your Body Shape: Men

Disclaimer: the following post talks about the 'ideal' body. This idea is not one that is stagnant or even true to the preferences of individuals. Be mindful of what your own ideal shape and appearance when reading the advice below to create a look that represents the best you that you can be regardless of shape, body and gender.

What looks good on you? This all starts with your shape and only expands from there. Whether or not you know the 'rules' or concept of ideal body shapes it is usually apparent when you try something on whether it looks good or not. More often then not it is because it goes against your body shape. Below are a few of the body shapes for men and how best to dress to improve your overall look!


This body type is considered the men's ideal and id the end goal of most clothing manipulation using structure, color and pattern. At the end of the day – Most attire will suite you with small alterations for a more fitted design. This shape is defined by a large shoulder width compared to hips but not overly so that it crates an inverted triangular shape.

Attire For Men With Trapezoid Body Shape:

Pants: Avoid loose garments. Discover a brand with a good fit or have your pants customized. Most colors should work fine. Pleats and creases are up to individual taste.

Shirts: Vertical stripes will cause you to seem somewhat taller. Checks and plaids include level mass, so pick which one you need dependent on your stature.

Coats: An overcoat or suit coat decreases your abdomen, causing your stomach to appear to be slimmer and your shoulders appear to be more extensive. Wear it secured with a solitary button at the midriff for most extreme impact


Most men are inclined to being bigger around the midsection and hips corresponding to the top of their bodies, particularly as they get older. This makes a characteristic triangular shape with the base at the midsection and the tip at the face. Having a triangular body shape presents a test in discovering garments that help your body create a more ideal shape.

Apparel For Men With Triangular Body Shape:

Vertical stripes: This pattern on any body type and helps makes a streamlined impact that prolongs and thins down the chest area. Vertical stripes are favored just in the event that they are noticeable from the chest upward.

Coats with structured shoulders: Slouchy shoulders on any coats whether they are blazers or over coats, will misrepresent your previously inclining shoulder line. Structered shoulders create a more squared off shape helping to widen your upper body.

Single-breasted suits: Double-breasted coats add mass to the midsection. Single-breasted coats take into consideration a progressively loose and thinning fit. Get your coats customized for an good fit on the top however with additional room around the abdomen.

More vivid colors: Patterns and enumerating over the chest and shoulders help to expand the restricted upper middle. Wear jumpers and team neck tees with shading boards over the chest however a thinning darker shading like dim, naval force or dark around the waist.

Inverted Triangle

The state of this body type is a upside down triangle with the base at the shoulders and the point at the paunch button. Your all around chest and shoulders are fundamentally more extensive in contrast with your midsection and hips. You most likely go through hours at the exercise center each week stirring up an advantageous muscle siphon. While close to the ideal body shape the hips can be slimmer then expected.

Dress For Men With Inverted Triangular Body Shape:

Fitted garments: Wear garments that decrease visual clutter and accentuate the spotless, sharp lines of your middle. Add mass to your trim midsection and lower body while adjusting the extents of your all around chest area.

Thin fit shirts: You can wear shirts to flaunt your fit body yet make sure to not go over the top. You may have the 'ideal' but you don't have to be in everyone's face about it.

Thin cotton polo shirt: With a spandex blend will permit stretch over the wider range of shoulders and chest while still staying fitted around your slimmer waist.

Mindful of pants: Skinny pants will highlight thinner legs. Thin fit jeans will do fine. Wearing designed jeans, camo shorts or checked pants diverts from your similarly expansive chest area when needed.


Men with a rectangular body shape ordinarily have a tall and thinner frame. Their shoulders are generally a similar width as their midsection and hips creating a streamline body shape. The goal here is to widen the shoulders to create the inverted triangle appearance.

Garments For Men With Rectangular Body Shape:

Horizontal stripes: Especially over your upper middle, as they'll add width to your upper body helping to widen your shoulders.

Layered looks: A button with with an added sweater or even a blazer with structured shoulders will help widen your upper body while keeping your waist thin.

Scarves: A conveniently tied or hung scarf is a simple method to add a state of contrast to your look while adding bulk to your upper body.

Prints, shading pops, and itemizing: Pops of more splendid hues up top or subtleties like epaulets will seem to grow your shoulder area.


On a man of larger size, the focal point of the middle is more extensive than the shoulders and hips. The remainder of the fabricate will in general mirror this too, with shorter, more extensive appendages that will bring focus to the midpoint.

Garments For Men With Oval Body Shape:

Pants: The pant midriff ought to consistently be easily free, never belted so tight that it squeezes and wrinkles or creates the classic 'muffin top'.

Suspenders: Suspenders are your closest companion. Wear them at whatever point you get the chance. They hold the pant front out somewhat, letting it fall in a smooth front right past the groin.

Creases: will enable the jeans to enlarge somewhat when you sit. This is helpful for men with wider hips and lower bodies.

Shirts: A solid match is important in maintaining an appearance that stops the look of squeezing and wrinkles. Patterns, larger ones in particular can create an enlarging effect while also looking unkempt if stretched or pulled.

Bowties: Bow ties can be a good method to stay away from a tie that falls over your chest. In the event that you're not a devotee of ties, at that point something adequately wide is a better option.

At the end of the day working with your body and not against it is the best way you will get good looking results when it comes to style. From your shape you will expand into color, style and personal tastes but that is a topic for another day!


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