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How to Dress for Your Body Type: Women

Disclaimer: the following post talks about the 'ideal' body. This idea is not one that is stagnant or even true to the preferences of individuals. Be mindful of what your own ideal shape and appearance when reading the advice below to create a look that represents the best you that you can be regardless of shape, body and gender.

Finding out what best fits you doesn't have to be total trial and error if you at least know where to start. Good style begins with your bodies shape and expands upon there with personal style and the colors that look best on you. Here we are focusing on the five common women's body types and how to dress them!


This is considered the women's ideal shape. This body type is the most offset of all with a proportionate top and base piece of the body with an all around characterized waistline. So when you search for dresses, pick the ones that match this perfectly.

How To Dress

Since you have an even figure, your dresses ought to do likewise. The dress ought to sit well at the correct curves and follow the layout of your body. Dresses and tops that cinch at the midsection will be your best fit. V or darling neck lines assist you with focusing on your chest area. To display your waistline, go with a belt at your regular waistline.


You will fall under this apple-formed figure when you have a heavier chest area in contrast with your lower portion of the body. Individuals with this body type normally have expansive shoulders, greater bust line, and that is the reason it feels like the weight assembles around the waist.

How To Dress

Since a large portion of the weight and focus is over the hips, the mid-riff seems heavier than the rest of the body with a negligible waistline. Thus, the thought here is to remove the focus from that piece of the body and focus on your qualities. That is the reason you have to parade your legs or wear the dress with a profound V neck that made an extended figment of the middle. A-line cuts are perfect for you. Wear printed dresses or designed coats that add a layer to move the core interest. Monochrome looks, less-vivid hues, full or 3/fourth sleeves dresses, and flowy tops will help. You could likewise wear flared bottoms; palazzos to balance out the form.


The pear-formed body is all in the lower some portion of your body. Your butt and thighs are greater than your chest area. In this way, make some space for the lower portion of your body. Because of Kim Kardashian and others, this body is a fury at the present time and is almost meeting the desire of hourglass shapes.

How To Dress

The benefit of this body type is that you can make a fantasy of an hourglass figure when styled effectively. Your shoulders are limited, and hips are wide. You should find some kind of harmony. Wide-legged jeans, A-line skirts or dresses with designed or un-structured tops that add definition to the chest area look extraordinary. Thin pants with free tops make an hourglass image. However keep away from skin fitting tops and free bottoms as it can create an even wider look.


The rectangular shape formed body is typically even from the shoulders to the hips. In this way, there isn't an over the top definition to your outline, and it's genuinely clear. The objective behind this body type is to widen the hips and shoulders to make the waist seem slimmer.

How To Dress

Your arms and legs are to your benefits. Along these lines, center around improving that. It resembles the hourglass figure short the characterized waistline. Opt for layered tops. Dresses that add definition to your base and neck areas that add thickness to the chest area. Sleeveless, strapless and darling lines are your thing. Overcoats, long coats and capes are perfect here as they widen the hips. Work with horizontal lines in the hip and upper chest as well.

Inverted Triangle

The upset triangle is the most athletic looking body type. Your shoulders are wider than your hips. This look is often found on those woman who work out their upper body more often. The goal here is to simple widen the hips to create a more balanced effect.

How To Dress

You need to make sure to add definition to your hips. Straight-cut pants and dresses that normally have an altered V-look to them are all garments that will suit your body, peplum tops and dresses are perfect here as they create a widened hip effect. Since your hips are much smaller than your shoulders, pencil cut skirt, thin pants, and so on with any tops will look extraordinary. In any case, do ensure that there isn't much layering or definition to your chest area since it needs none. Keep darker colors up top while focusing color lower on the body.

Dressing your best is all about you! Be mindful as you shop and pay attention to the above rules but also make sure to try things on as you will never know what they truly look like without have them on your body. Don't fret if you are not the ideal as any body shape is acceptable and learning to dress for you with what you love and what lkooks best is the perfect way of reaching your style goals!

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