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How to have a 'Stay-in-Place' Easter Egg Hunt

Following the guidelines of your local and federal health professionals is key to getting through the current situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19. While it is crucial, we take these suggestions, ordinances and precautions very seriously we don’t have to be all serious all the time. This year Easter falls in the middle of a pandemic that has caused all gatherings of 10 or more to be shut down including local, church or community eater egg hunts. This doesn’t have to be a total bust! Creating an Easter egg hunt for the family inside is the perfect way to stick to ‘social distancing’ and stay-in-place-orders while providing the holiday magic for your kids!

Obtain Eggs for the Hunt

When purchasing these items do not make a special trip as staying at home is suggested. Instead gather these supplies while already in public gathering needed household supplies or pharmaceuticals. You can use genuine, hard-boiled eggs colored or plastic, empty Easter eggs you can load up with treats. Keep in mind if you are unable to find all the eggs plastic is less wary to stubble across a few months down the line! Remember baskets, small gifts (geared towards indoor activities) and candy is also a good surprise.

Preparing Eggs

Adults can start the process of boiling eggs for the hunt with a small session of decorating with the children. This is a perfect craft idea the day prior to hunting and another good indoor activity! Plastic Easter eggs can be loaded up with treats, for example, chocolate, candy, cash, toys, or other little prizes that kids will appreciate. Make sure all gifts and candies are age appropriate and not considered a choking hazard for small children.

Pick Your Room

Before you hide the eggs, you ought to figure out which rooms or places youngsters are permitted to look. For instance, pick sheltered, open rooms such as living rooms, large dens over more hazardous areas such as kitchens and garages. Be sure the room you choose that is not only safe but does not bring with it a lot of accessories you may be nervous your children will damage.

Prepping Your Space

Remember to hide any items that can be easily damaged during the search. If you have small children, odds are you already keep these sorts of things out of reach. Make sure your space is safe. Consider taping cardboard or foam over sharp corners of foot stools. Move medications and unsafe chemicals to higher shelves or bolted pantries. These safeguards are particularly significant for little children and small kids. This may also be a good time to re-sanitize your space clearing it of viruses and bacteria.

Hiding the Eggs

Conceal the Easter eggs before children are awake or when their attention is somewhere else. Conceal eggs in simple spots for kids five and under. Little children and small kids will presumably have a ton of fun if you hide eggs in simple to see puts low enough for them to reach. Hide eggs in higher and harder locations for kids six and up. If you have children of varying ages try color differentiating the eggs so each age group or child knows what they are looking for!

Clean Up

To help yourself, try to record each of the egg's locations so you remember where it is. In the event that you overlook an egg and nobody discovers it, the egg may spoil, or if plastic, the treats inside may go stale or draw pests so easily clean up at the end of the day becomes critical. Boiled eggs once found can be gathered up and eaten later in the day while baggies for the gathered goods of candy and treats are perfect for plastic egg contents.

Though we find ourselves in a time of crisis where we all must do our part for the betterment of our community that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way. Following health precautions, making sure your space is clean and kid friendly, a classic Easter Egg hunt can still be on the list of holiday celebrations in 2020!

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