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Mental Health v.s. the Corona Virus

During the fear of this current widespread corona virus pandemic there is a lot of talk on how you can be physically safe during these trying times. As a huge advocate of mental health, I feel that working on or keeping up on your mental health during these times are just as important as the hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing.

Social Distancing is not Isolation

We are hearing many health and safety regulators talk about social distance, the act of standing 6 feet away from someone else. While it is advised to stay true to this as best you can this does not mean you need to completely disengage contact. With the advent of social media, cell phones and Skype calls someone is just a click away. While in most situations these modes of connection can not make up for real communication it is still a way of staying connected during these troubling times.

Continue with Mental Health Services

Consult with your mental health service provider on what is the best approach to handing this situation. Some locations are offering temporary over the phone services to clients to help during his crisis when depression and anxiety are running high. If these services are not offered, suggest them or ask if you feel concerned. It is still just as important to consider your mental health as it is your physical health doctor.

Be Prepared to Confront Anxiety

Speaking on anxiety, be prepared. Being prepared does not mean hoarding all the products and food you can find but having a plan of action set into place when it comes to mental and physical health. A couple I watch on Youtube recently found themselves in a mental health situation but with a plan and teamwork, they were able to pull through. Check at Steve and Marc’s video on the importance of having a mental health plan! Being prepared can do a lot for lowing ones anxiety.

Include At-Home Hobbies in Your Life

When you are stuck at home, especially with those who are currently out of work it can be very easy to get lost in your own mind so be sure to fill your time with things of interest to you! Hobbies such as puzzles, games, drawing and reading are all safe and healthy ways of filling your time with enjoyable experiences when stuck at home. This is the perfect time to experiment with activities you have not had the chance to. These can be scary times but be sure to smile and have a little fun when you can!

Don’t Forget Self-Care and Medication

Self-care is extremely important and comes in many forms, in fact all these tips can be seen as self-care. In this case being mindful of how you feel is key and engaging in meditation activities to pull yourself back into the moment and not living in the potential fears of the future is crucial. Take a warm bath, if you have a porch or bright window, get some sun, remember your medications and refills, sleep for a full eight hours even without a schedule. Self-care is an asset to keeping up with mental health.

Stay Positive and Practice Your Belief

It may be hard but try not to linger in negative thoughts. The previously mentioned mediation can help with that but so can mantras, engaging with your chosen faith or just letting your feelings out through conversation or writing. You are not alone in feeling the effects of this pandemic whether they are emotional, physical, financial or other. Stay strong and focus on the good you have in your life and the safety of those most in need.

Being safe physically and protecting yourself does not mean giving up life completely. It is important to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually so when we as a community get out of this difficult situation we will be strong enough to do so.

Be safe!

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