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Novonty’s Nupital Knowledge 4/16/19

Is it acceptable to have food trucks at my wedding? I’m not having a super high-end wedding and was hoping to reach out to some local food trucks to see if they would cater my small event.

How is the cost for food trucks usually handled?  I would really like to go in knowing a little something.



Thank you for your question. Not only are food trucks acceptable, they are actually very popular with those wanting a less formal event.

If you want a food truck there are a few things to consider: Will your venue allow for outside catering? What is your rain plan? Where will your trucks park? How will guests be eating; tables, trays, etc.?

These details will not be set up by the food truck like traditional catering. Also, remember to look into your town’s legality when it comes to food trucks. Some towns will not allow food trucks in specific locations or will charge you an additional fee.

You specifically asked about pricing. Pricing for food trucks when it comes to weddings and events can be pretty up in the air. While food trucks are trending, most food trucks do not handle these sorts of events, so their method of handling pricing can differ from truck to truck.

Most food trucks charge in one of two manners. Method one is when a truck charges you a flat fee to be at your location at a certain time; consider this a sort of down payment. They will then bill you after the event based on food purchased.

The second common method is when a food truck has worked weddings before, it will charge you based on the head count. Remember, this is not an ending price. If guests get seconds, this will be charged following your events.

Things to remember when it comes to pricing include limited menu options, as people will want seconds and food trucks will not be cheaper when it comes to ending costs.

Food trucks are a great option for your reception if you are choosing a more casual affair but come with many laws and regulations to look into as well as additional considerations to make, such as a rain plan before signing a contract with your favorite vendor.

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