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Novotny’s Nupital Knowledge 5/7/19


  I am looking forward to my wedding but I’m also not so happy about putting so much money into things that will be disposed of simply for one day. Do you have any advice for a bride who doesn’t want to leave behind so much wasted material after their wedding?


  That’s a great question Anna. Sounds to me like you want a more eco-friendly wedding. While it’s not possible in my opinion to do a completely eco-friendly wedding there are definitely a few ways to add a green touch to your big day to not only help save the planet but give back in a big way.

  Consider having your wedding at a nature preserve. This option can sometimes be cheaper then traditional wedding venues.

However, if you are trying to give back it may be a nice gesture to donate if the space is free for the preservation of the facility.

  Working with local florists that make ethically friendly purchasing decisions with limited to no pesticides is a difficult option to find but a good one.

If you are going on a honeymoon after your wedding assigning someone to deliver the flowers to a local nonprofit or shelter for the enjoyment of others while you are gone is a great option.

  Consider your paper products. Despite how much digital technology has taken over our lives a physical paper invitation is still considered the most respectful and traditional method of inviting guests. Opt for a recycled option if you choose to go this route.

  Try providing guests with eco-friendly party favors. Instead of passing out some knick knack they will struggle to find space for, choose a small floral planter or even better a vegetable plant. This gift is not only eco-friendly but is useful too!

  There are plenty of options out there for going green when it comes to your wedding. Do a little research, try Pinterest and look for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. Every little bit helps.

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