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Wedding Paper Products 101

   The paper products that go into a wedding can be beyond overwhelming. Working with a graphic designer with wedding experience can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to all the fine details including save-the-dates, invitations, directional cards and more. If you don’t plan on working with a professional or what to go into a consultation with a little more knowledge below are the most important paper products for your wedding day.


   For destination weddings, it is usual to mail save-the-dates 8 to 12 months in prior. If the event is local, send save the dates 4 months in advance. These quick little reminders are sent out immediately to guests when you know the date of your event. It acts as a sort of reminder but not a formal invitation so potential guests can begin to plan accordingly.

Since this is not a formal invite save-the-dates do not have to match the theme of your wedding. However, if you do want them to look good alongside your other material use neutral tones if you haven’t decided on a color scheme.


   These tricky little invites can be a beast all their own as they need to include a variety of information while being creative and matching the theme of your wedding day. First it is key to remember these will be the first thing your guests see when it comes to your big day so setting the standard is very important.

   Your invitation set should include the invitation, an RSVP card, a filled-out envelope for the RSVP and at least one insert card. The insert card can include information not included on the invite itself like specific dress attire, a map to the location, local hotel details or where you are registered.

   The invitation itself should let guests know all the important details including your names and hosts names if they differ, a line inviting guests to a wedding, the full date and time spelled out, your venue location and a memo about the reception to follow with a reference to attire. Invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Menus and Programs

   These are often forgot about or overlooked details but are very important for the day. Both the menu and program are usually kept together at the seats for guests to pick up once they make it to their table. The menu lets the guests know what will be served especially if there was not an option of choice prior to your reception. The program also keeps your guests up-to-date on the schedule of things for the evening and will include dinner, speeches and any other important activities you have planned out.

Escort cards, place cards and table numbers

   These three important tools work as a set to guide guests to their seats. Escort cards have your guests’ names and table numbers on them and as such will guide them to the table location which can be complicated if there are numerous tables. This is where the table numbers come in as they need to match the escort cards. The escort cards are typically at the entry of the event. Place cards on the other hand just have the guest’s names printed on them and are located at each individual seat so guests know, once they arrive at their table where they will be seated. Be creative to match the theme of your event!

Thank-you Cards

   Did you think you were done? Definitely not. Thank-you cards should be sent out once you and your partner come back from your honey moon or prior if you plan on traveling later. If you believe your wedding photos will arrive quickly or you’ve made prior plans with the photographer this is a great time to include a photo along with a thank you for attending and any gifts, they may have given you. It is also nice to send out a thank-you cards to any vendors that helped create your event along with a positive review of their service.

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